Why should I purchase a custom scrapbook?

Your photos are currently disorganized and you want to have something to show for them. You love the look of a scrapbook but don’t’ have any time to create one. You want to make sure they will be store in an archival safe way.

What is the process of working with a custom scrapbook designer?

First we will have an email or phone consultation where we can discuss the photos you are interested in scraping and any preferences you have for the designs. You will then receive a contract that will be required along with a 50% deposit for me to begin working on your custom made scrapbook pages. I will email you photos of pages as they are completed so you can see the progress. Once the pages are complete the final payment will be due before the pages will be shipped.

I have years of photos, how do I decide where to start?

I suggest starting two albums, one for this year and one for the oldest of your photos. Grab your photos from the past year and start an album that you can add new pages to every few months. Once you have that album in place you can than go back to the beginning of your photos and create an older album. By doing it this way you won’t have that feeling never being able to catch up to your current photos.

How much does a complete scrapbook cost?

Packages start at just $280 for a 10-page scrapbook album.

What form of payments do you accept?

I will invoice you through PayPal and you may also pay by check or money order.

How long will it take you to complete my 20 page album and what if I have a deadline?

It takes approximately one week to complete a 20 page scrapbook once I begin working. After you contact me I will let you know what date I can begin your scrapbook. If you have a deadline please let me know when you contact me so I can determine whether or not I can accommodate your needs.

What if I’m not happy with the final product?

I will email you pictures of the pages as I complete them. That way, if there is something you don’t like, I can redo the page until we get it right.

How often will I get to see completed pages?

I’ll send you photos of each page, starting with the first two I complete. Then I’ll send you as many as four pages at a time as I complete them.

What if one of my photographs or another item is lost, stolen, or damaged?

You are advised not to send anything of which you do not have a copy. According to the contract clients must sign, I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. However, if the photos are in my control and I damage them, I will pay for the reprinting fees. If you will be sending photographs by mail, make sure you have the negatives or have your photos scanned into digital format before you mail the originals to me.

What if you create a 20 page album for me and I find more photos I want to add to the album? Can you add to the product that you already finished for me?

Yes, you can add pages to your album. However, you cannot go beyond the maximum number of pages that will fit in the album. Your scrapbook, which is similar to a binder, will easily come apart, making it simple to add the pages after you receive them.

If I order more than one product, will I receive special pricing or a package deal?

If you order more than 40 pages total each page will cost $25.

Why do 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 pages cost the same?

Patterned paper generally only comes in size 12 x 12 so therefore I still use the same amount of paper when creating an 8.5 x 11. Also, it usually takes the same amount of time to complete an 8.5 x 11 as it does for a 12 x 12 page.

How do I get you my photos and memorabilia?

Whatever way is easiest for you. You can give me your photos and memorabilia via email, mail, flash drive or a photo sharing website. My preference is a single email for each set of photos if you choose to email them. This way you can easily include the basic who/what/when/where and any journaling along with the set of photos.

How many photos can fit on a page?

Anywhere from 1-6 (depending on the photo size) can fit on a single page layout. 

Will you alter the photos that you use?

Unless you specifically request for me not to, I may crop, adjust or cover part of the photos with embellishments to make them look great in the layout. For this reason it is best for you to keep and original copy of any non-digital photos.

Can you include my journaling on the pages?

Yes, it is great to write up your own journaling or captions for your pages. I will print your journaling and incorporate it into the page. I can also provide you a journaling spot for you to handwrite your journaling after you receive your album.

What is a page? What is a layout?

A single page or layout is considered one 12×12 or 8.5×11 size scrapbook page. Two pages or layouts fit back to back in 1 page protector. For a 20 page album there will be 10 page protectors holding 20 pages. A 2 page layout is two side by side pages that flow together. They share the same theme/event and their materials match. 2 page layouts are great when you have lots of photos for a single event. This creates a nice book feel when each left and right page in the album go together.

If I want you to use some products I already purchased can you do that?

Yes, just send them to me and I can fit them into the page.

If I have an idea for a photo gift/project that you don’t have listed on your site can you still create it for me?

Let me know what you have in mind and I’ll let you know if it’s something I could do and provide you with a quote.

Can you make the same album/layout twice?

Yes, this is great if you want to give the same album as a gift to two separate people.

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