All items to be included in the album are to be mounted in an archival-quality album, using only photo-safe adhesives, papers, accents, pens, etc. I understand that only those products labeled by reputable companies as “archival-quality”, “photo-safe”, “acid-free &/or lignin-free” will be used; and thus any resulting damage from defective products are not the liability of Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri).

Unless otherwise specified, photos and memorabilia will be mounted in the album using “photo-safe” &/or “acid-free” adhesives that are considered permanent. While it may be possible to remove photos, it is not recommended, as damage to the photos will likely occur.

Unless otherwise specified, photos & memorabilia may be cut (cropped) or altered during the creative process. Sometimes during the creative process, it is more pleasing for the final layout design if unnecessary backgrounds or objects are eliminated from photos in order to draw focus to the subject of the photograph. Professional portraits will not be cropped. Embellishments may also be placed directly on photos.

In the unlikely event that photos &/or memorabilia provided are damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or other unavoidable disaster (including, but not limited to, theft or auto accident) while in our possession, Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) is only liable for the cost of reprinted photos, if negatives &/or scanned photos are available. I understand that photos or memorabilia that are irreplaceable (i.e. no negatives exist or there are no other copies) will not be Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) liability or responsibility in any way, nor will I take any recourse. Before sending us photos for which no negatives exist, we highly recommended making a scanned copy to keep for yourself.


Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) requires a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the Estimated Cost of Custom Services. This deposit will be applied towards the cost of the specified project. I understand that Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) will obtain my permission if it becomes necessary for the project cost to exceed the agreed upon amount before any additional work is performed to result in additional charges.

When the project is completed, I understand that I will be notified and the remaining cost of the project will be due before the completed album is shipped. Any unused photos or memorabilia will be returned with the completed album.

Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) will send the album through a reputable mailing service (i.e. United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service or Federal Express). Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) will contact you with a tracking/confirmation number. Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) will send the album registered and insured for the cost of the project, with proof of delivery required. I understand that Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) is only responsible for obtaining and paying for shipping insurance, and that the shipping company/agent will be liable in the event that an album is lost or damaged during shipment. I understand that in the event of damaged or lost items, I must deal directly with the company/agent of the company that the items are shipped through. I will not hold Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) liable, nor take any recourse in the event of lost and/or damaged items and/or album(s).


As your scrapbook pages are being created, you will receive an email containing images of layout designs for 2-6 pages at a time. You will then have 48 hours to respond, with your approval or suggestion for any change(s). If you do not respond within 48 hours, we will assume your approval and continue creating those pages according to the proposed layout design.

As a client of Lily Avenue Paper Designs (Sheri) I understand and agree to the terms, conditions, and fees of this Agreement. Any modifications of this Agreement will be specified in a written Addendum to this Agreement. I also realize that modifications may result in additional cost, which would be specified in the Agreement Addendum.

  • By signing this you are agreeing to all the terms set above

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